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Garay Law is a boutique law firm protecting professionals from the largest companies in the world for 23 years

Why Garay Law

At Garay Law, we have been representing employees only since 2001. Our team has achieved a high level of success handling cases on behalf of professionals in Healthcare, Technology (Software and Information Technology), Finance, Banking, IT, and more. Garay law has represented thousands of employees who have filed class actions and individual lawsuits against technology companies throughout Silicon Valley (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, etc.), Orange County and Los Angeles. We have successfully resolved cases against some of the most recognized companies in California from Apple to Zynga.


We've taken on some of the largest employers in the state and have collected over $300M for our clients. Garay Law is not a mill: we take few cases and maximize settlement value through dedication, name recognition, and tenacity. In a span of 23 years, Jose Garay has litigated against the top law firms and is well known by California defense lawyers. California defense attorneys know Mr. Garay is aggressive and will litigate for his client all the way to trial, if necessary.


If you are a professional and discretion is necessary, contact Garay Law immediately. Jose Garay employes specific and proprietary strategies that maximize your potential recovery without filling a lawsuit. Jose Garay has represented high-salary executives such as directors, executive directors, CEOs, CIOs, Presidents, VPs, and many more. If you want to know more about Garay Law’s proprietary strategies if you are a professional, you can contact his staff and ask to speak to Jose Garay directly. If it is an emergency, he will return your call the same day.


We understand how intimidating it can be to pursue legal action against your employer. If you do not take action against the injustice, you only allow your rights and the rights of other employees to continue to be violated. We have no fear about taking on any employer, regardless of how big or powerful.

Meet Jose Garay

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Stanford University

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Law School

Jose R. Garay is the owner of JOSE GARAY, APLC (DBA Garay Law). The firm specializes in employment civil litigation and has filed hundreds of lawsuits and is well known throughout California. If a lawsuit has to be filed on your behalf, you want an attorney who has court room experience. However, if your employment matter requires discretion and you wish to keep your name off a lawsuit, choose Garay Law. Garay Law has represented hundreds of professionals in technology, finance, insurance, healthcare, military, and many other industries and has successfully negotiated employment claims privately. The firm represents professionals in claims relating to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, whistleblower protection (False Claims Act), PIP fraud, workplace retaliation and claims relating to disability. Mr. Garay has successfully represented professional technology employees in a wide range of positions, such as: QA Engineers, Software Engineers (Test Engineers), System Analysts, Support Engineers, Desktop Analysts, Network Engineers/Analysts, Manufacturing Engineers, Program Analysts, Senior Analysts/Engineers and many. Jose Garay has represented executives in publicly traded companies, public entities, and private companies.


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From Our Clients

I had a great experience with Garay Law. Jose is VERY knowledgeable and comes with a lot of experience. He's honest in both assessing your case and telling you what your options are. I trust that he has MY interest at heart and not just serving his own. His staff is very friendly and responsive as well. Highly recommend Jose Garay.

Jose stepped in when my company laid me off with virtually no severance package. He confidently interfaced with the corporate lawyer, eliciting her cooperation, and worked out something that made everyone happy. He's patient over the phone and cares deeply about his clients' welfare. If I ever encounter another employment situation (fingers crossed but who am I kidding, I'm in tech), Jose is my go-to.

I went through a challenging situation with a previous employer, and Jose's firm was a huge help. I reached out to many law firms, but his was extremely quick to respond, and Jose really made an effort to ensure I felt taken care of during a very stressful job situation. I was in a big time crunch as well, and Jose was willing to speak to me well after working hours to review my legal agreements. I couldn't recommend Jose more if you need to pursue potential legal action against an employer.

Leveling the Playing Field Between Employers and Employees

State and federal laws are clear with regard to the rights of employees. Yet, many California employers still put their own interests and agendas ahead of compliance with the law. When legitimate complaints from employees fall on deaf ears, it is important to have a strong advocate with the ability to see that employee rights are protected.


When you hire our firm, you will find everyone here to share the same level of commitment to the success of your case. We work with a highly skilled and respected network of attorneys who focus specifically on the complex employment law issues you are facing. When questions arise, you will always have direct access to Jose.

With Success Against

Google, eBay, Cisco, Facebook, PayPal, and many more

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