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We Give You Bargaining Power:
We Take Fewer Cases and Fight Harder, Get Better Results

Employers have inequitable bargaining power when they violate the law. It is easy for employees to feel helpless to speak up, even when their rights are clearly being violated. Do not be afraid to take action; the law is on your side. Garay Law is not a mill, we take fewer cases and maximize results.

Many people see a lawsuit against their employers as a one-way ticket to the unemployment line. State and federal laws provide specific protections against employer retaliation against employees, including blacklisting and other practices that can make employees hesitant to seek legal and vice versus. We take the fear out of pursuing action against the injustices that are suffered by thousands of California employees on a daily basis.

We dedicate our entire practice to protecting the rights of individuals and groups of employees whose rights are being violated by their employers.

The employee rights lawyers at Garay Law have represented clients throughout California in all types of employment and labor law cases. Our extensive experience with these matters allows us to be much more proactive in our efforts to ensure that employee rights are protected and to hold California employers accountable to the law.