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The California Labor Code, the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and other state and federal laws hold employers accountable when employees are not paid for the time they work or do not receive appropriate pay for missed meal or rest breaks. The victims in these cases can be either salaried or hourly workers who fear that they will lose their jobs if they raise the issue with their supervisors.

At Garay Law, we are steadfast in our commitment to the fair treatment of all California employees. We have a particularly strong level of skill representing workers in the technology industry in these types of claims. If you are not being paid for overtime or missed breaks or you do not receive appropriate meal and rest breaks, our San José wage and hour disputes attorneys will fight to recover the unpaid wages as well as any other damages available in your case. The law is clear with regard to the protection of employees against retaliation or harassment for filing a wage and hour complaint.

Many of the wage and hour cases we accept involve the incorrect classification of an employee's position or status. In some cases, an employee's job grade entitles him or her to additional pay or benefits. In others, a job that should be classified as hourly (nonexempt) is classified by the employer as salaried (exempt). Some employees are also misclassified as independent contractors, which frequently occurs in the technology industry. In any of these situations, misclassified employees stand to lose considerable money and other benefits.

Our attorneys have substantial experience handling all types of these cases, with a notable level of success on behalf of high-tech employees. We thoroughly investigate your case and work to determine if other employees have been misclassified in the same manner as you have. If so, we will explore the viability of a class-action lawsuit. Whether we represent one employee or a large group, we do everything in our power to see that our clients are fully compensated.