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Jose R. Garay is the owner/principal of JOSE GARAY, APLC. The firm specializes in class-action litigation and focuses on the high-tech industry and legal issues that affect software engineers and IT Professionals. The firm represents high-tech professionals in claims relating to overtime, wrongful termination, and certain claims relating to disability. We have successfully represented clients for overtime claims in a wide variety of sectors in Silicon Valley, Orange County, Los Angeles, and throughout California. In a claim for overtime, California law looks to the realistic expectations of the employer, the duties an employee actually performs on a day to day basis. Do not be fooled by a title. Mr. Garay has successfully represented high-tech professionals in a wide range of positions, such as: QA Engineers, Software Engineers (Test Engineers), System Analysts, Support Engineers, Desktop Analysts, Network Engineers/Analysts, Manufacturing Engineers, Program Analysts, Senior Analysts/Engineers and many more.


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