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With over $300 million in successful settlements and verdicts, Garay Law has a proven record of advocating for the rights of professionals across California. No matter what type of employment law dispute you may be facing, you can feel confident that your case is in the hands of a skilled attorney with the commitment to ensure that your interests are protected.

Jose Garay, APLC has successfully litigated many class action lawsuits against some of California's largest and most recognized employers, as well as individual employment cases.


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$300M+ Collected From California Employers For Our Clients.

Attorney Jose Garay

Jose R. Garay is the owner/principal of JOSE GARAY, APLC. The firm specializes in class-action litigation and focuses on the tech industry and legal issues that affect software engineers and IT Professionals. The firm represents technology professionals in claims relating to overtime, wrongful termination, and certain claims relating to disability. We have successfully represented clients for overtime claims in a wide variety of sectors in Silicon Valley, Orange County, Los Angeles, and throughout California. In a claim for overtime, California law looks to the realistic expectations of the employer, the duties an employee actually performs on a day to day basis. Do not be fooled by a title. Mr. Garay has successfully represented technology professionals in a wide range of positions, such as: QA Engineers, Software Engineers (Test Engineers), System Analysts, Support Engineers, Desktop Analysts, Network Engineers/Analysts, Manufacturing Engineers, Program Analysts, Senior Analysts/Engineers and many more.

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Jose Garay
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We've taken on some of the largest employers in the state and have collected over $300M for our clients. Notable employers we have had success against include PayPal, Facebook, Ebay, Cisco, and many more. Our strategy is to be selective about which cases we take on and win big for the clients we do take on. If you would like to discuss whether you have a case, you can contact our office and speak directly with the attorney.


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  • Technology Employment Law

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Why Choose Us

It can be difficult to know if you have a valid case. Many firms will claim they have experience in California Employment Law matters when they may not have actually represented a case in this area. We offer a free and confidential consultation. During this call you will be speaking to the attorney directly, not a receptionist or intake/salesperson that is more interested in qualifying a sales opportunity than providing thoughtful guidance.

Give us a call today @ (949) 910-0906 to discuss your case directly with the attorney.

Don't sign your rights away. Garay Law Attorneys will increase your severance offer or we don't get paid. If you have recently been informed that your job is being eliminated or that you are going to be laid off, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified attorney with the ability to ensure that you are being treated fairly.

Give us a call today @ (949) 910-0906 to discuss your case directly with the attorney.

A termination which is based on the employee's race, religion, age, sex, or other legally protected characteristic is considered a wrongful. Not all employees are subject to the at-will employment laws of California. At Garay Law, we represent employees across the state in a broad range of wrongful termination claims. We conduct a complete investigation into the reasons for your termination and build the strongest possible case in pursuit of a positive outcome on your behalf.

Give us a call today @ (949) 910-0906 to discuss your case directly with the attorney.

As an employment at will state, California allows employers to terminate employees at any time, with or without cause. That does not mean, however, that there is no such thing as an illegal termination in California. No matter what the circumstances surrounding your termination may be, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced employment lawyer before you sign a severance agreement or any other agreement involving the termination of your employment.

Give us a call today @ (949) 910-0906 to discuss your case directly with the attorney.

With over 20 years of experience, our team has accumulated the knowledge, skill and experience in California employment law to provide the highest level of representation possible. We have been fighting for employee rights in the courtroom for over 2 decades. During this time we have recovered over $300 Million for our clients. ,

Give us a call today @ (949) 910-0906 to discuss your case directly with the attorney.



What Our Clients Say About Us

"Jose and his firm are consummate professionals!"

His team of legal experts communicate well, and efficiently represent their clients with confidence and knowledge. They kept me apprised of all information and action items throughout my case.  It was a huge success working with the Garay Law Firm.  Needless to say, we won our case!!  Thanks, Jose & team!

Pete S.
United States

"One of the most professional, knowledgeable, and nicest people I have ever met"

I have never met Jose before, but I had an emergency situation that I needed litigation advice and Jose met me on the same day even in his office during his off day.  He was one of the most professional, knowledgeable, and nicest people I have ever met. He took the full 60 minutes to listen, analyze, and advise me on the next steps.

Daniel X.
United States

"I highly recommend Garay Law"

I highly recommend Garay Law as your employment attorneys. They were aggressive and determined to get the best outcome for me. Their knowledge of how the other side of the table thinks was crucial in getting me the best resolution. Garay Law is the best mix of experience and currency; you cannot find a better employment attorney anywhere.

Anonymous Client
United States

"Very helpful and got me what I deserve"

Very communicative and gets back to you with an answer fast. Extremely knowledgeable. He only wants the best for you and the case. Will recommend to others.

United States

"Mr.Garay and his staff took immediate action"

A few years ago I found myself being taken advantage of by a company which I had put my sweat and hard work into for over 10 years. My fellow employees and I were compensated for our unpaid wages through a class action suit. I also received an enhancement for starting the class action. The process of righting our plight was made easier by Mr.Garay, who fought for us with professionalism while all the while being courteous and sensitive to our concerns.

Anonymous Client
United States

"Garay Law Gets It Done!"

After having successfully handled my case, I’ve referred several friends and colleagues to Mr. Garay. He has come through and gotten their cases settled favorably every time. My reputation, both personal and professional, is very important to me. I won’t make a referral to people I know and work with unless that company has my complete confidence and trust. Mr. Garay and his associates continuously meet my high standards and expectations in getting the job done, that’s why I will continue to recommend him to my colleagues and associates.

United States

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