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San José Employment Law Attorneys

San José Employment Law Attorneys

State and federal laws are clear with regard to the rights of employees. Yet, many California employers are content to put their own interests and agendas ahead of compliance with the law. When legitimate complaints from employees fall on deaf ears, it is important to have a strong advocate with the ability to see that employee rights are protected.


At Garay Law , we dedicate our entire practice to protecting the rights of individuals and groups of employees whose rights are being violated by their employers. Our San José employment law attorneys possess a particular level of skill handling cases on behalf of people who work in the technology industry. We have successfully resolved cases against some of the most recognized technology companies in California.


For answers to your employment law matters in San José, contact our law firm today.

A Premier Law Firm Representing Employees in the Technology Field

There are many employment law matters that are specific to tech workers. One of the main areas of contention for high-tech workers involves a company sending projects overseas. This most always involves laying off tenured employees, which can raise race discrimination and other important issues.


No matter what technology-related employment matter you are dealing with, we can help. Many individuals feel as though a class action is the best way to protect their rights; however, you could benefit more by pursuing your case individually. We will guide you down the right path.

Leveling the Playing Field Between Employers and Employees

We understand how intimidating it can be to pursue legal action against your employer. If you do not take action against the injustice, however, you only allow your rights and the rights of other employees to continue to be violated. We have no fear about taking on any employer, regardless of how big or powerful.


When you hire our firm, you will find everyone here to share the same level of commitment to the success of your case. We work with a highly skilled and respected network of attorneys who focus specifically on the complex employment law issues you are facing. The attorneys' collective background allows us to examine your issue from multiple perspectives and develop the most effective solution available. Every attorney is supported by a dedicated staff of skilled professionals. When questions arise, you will always have direct access to a person with complete knowledge about your case.

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Contact our office to discuss your employment or labor law concerns with one of our lawyers. We are available during our regular business hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and by appointment evenings and weekends. You can reach us by phone at 800-499-1341 or via email to schedule a free initial consultation.

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